bivid Clean & Go

The fight against nosocomial infections

By tracing the disinfection of nursing staff hands before entering target zones.

Reduce nosocomial infections in hospitals and winter epidemics in retirement homes with our bivid Clean & Go operational system!

The figures speak for themselves: nosocomial infections affect 1 in 18 patients, i.e. 750,000 patients and 4,000 deaths per year, with additional costs of between 2.4 and 6 billion euros in France.

The main cause
Lack of hand hygiene. Our system follows the recommendations of the French Ministry of Health, promoting the use of hydro-alcoholic friction.

Our goal
Equip healthcare establishments (hospitals, retirement homes, clinics) and all doors where hand disinfection is essential (food establishments, etc.).

Hand hygiene is a key factor in infection control

“A study published in The Lancet in October 2000 assessed the link between hand hygiene compliance and the rate of hospital-acquired infections. These studies showed over a 4-year period that the rate of infections decreased, as did the rate of transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus when hand hygiene increased.”

Dirty hands are washed and disinfected by friction.
“Hydro-alcoholic friction (HAF) is the priority hand hygiene technique in healthcare situations. As early as December 2001, the Comité Technique National des Infections Nosocomiales (National Technical Committee on Nosocomial Infections) reiterated that hand hygiene should be based on friction with a hydro-alcoholic product (PHA) “in place of hand washing”. “

FHA, the most effective method of hand disinfection.

“FHA has been proven to be the most effective method in terms of eliminating flora carried on the hands. “The reduction in hand contamination, whatever the PHA tested, is always greater than that of hand washing, done with antiseptic soap or mild soap, for the same contact time.”

Recommendations from the French Ministry of Health.
Source “The role of hand hygiene and hydro-alcoholic products in preventing the transmission of infections”.

The benefits of Clean & Go

Hand disinfection

The principle is simple: on doors with controlled access (by code or badge), we’ve added a mandatory disinfection step with hydro-alcoholic solution.


Large capacity

bivid Clean & Go offers 5L cans of hydroalcoholic solution, enough for 5000 uses. A light flashes when you reach 1/2 liter (500 uses).


Real-time tracking

With the connected version, you can track the number of daily uses, consumption and remaining gel in real time.


Easy to install

Installed on mains or battery power, our device does not interfere with fire safety measures on doors.


Solution patented and awarded at the Lépine 2023 competition

Discover the concept


We have already installed our first 2 “Clean & Go” systems at the Via Monestir retirement home in St Estève, France (66).

Every visitor and caregiver now undergoes this compulsory disinfection step before meeting our elders.

In the press

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