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As of December 31, 2021, 14,819 municipal police officers in France were equipped with a firearm. This figure does not take into account police, customs or army personnel… How can we guarantee the traceability of these weapons without digital tools?

The advantages of our
armory supervision

Supervise your equipment

Monitor equipment entry and exit operations, anomalies, maintenance actions and inventories in real time.


Guarantee traceability

Automatically generate a computerized record of entry and exit, maintenance and inventory operations.

Configure the solution to suit your needs

Adapt access management to your armory’s operating mode and manage equipment access rights in real time and remotely via the software.

Easy maintenance

Control and monitor the management of incidents and maintenance actions for your equipment.

A solution tailored to armed professions

Police municipale

casar meets all your safety requirements. Its modular design means you can adapt it to your changing workforce.

National Police

casar’s reliability and ease of use make it the ideal solution for supervising your armories.

Conveyors of funds

A reliable, responsive armory management solution is essential.

Private security

Whether you’re in the private or public sector, you have obligations to trace your weapons, just like the police.


To ensure the traceability of your weapons, casar is the perfect solution!

The experience of DDSP 66

“The casar solution has more than met our security requirements. In addition to its reliability and practicality, casar is flexible and compatible with our various internal applications, in particular ARES.”

Discover our software:

casar software enables centralized, optimized supervision of the armory, with functionalities tailored to armorers, agents and the management team. Its interface facilitates traceability of lethal and non-lethal weapons, equipment entry and exit operations, anomalies, maintenance actions and inventories.

Why choose casar?

To ensure the safety of the public and police officers, regulations require traceability of weapons and ammunition, as well as the collection and reintegration of weapons. When municipal police officers are armed, the law strictly regulates the possession of the weapon, requiring it to be stored in a standardized, secure safe. casar enables armed professionals to guarantee the traceability of their weapons.

Casar deployment in 3 stages:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Assess your needs

Contact our experts and find out how many connected lockers you need. Let's work together to determine your needs and find the best solution.

Install your casar lockers

Once the number of racks required has been defined, installation is quick and easy. See our installation tutorials above!

Train users

Casar lockers make armory management easier. It is still necessary to train your managers in the use of the solution to understand its capabilities.

Need help?


How does casar secure gun shops?

With casar, each agent has an assigned badge, which makes it possible to trace the movements of collections and reinstatements. Each badge has certain rights, so the opening of lockers is conditional on the agent's rights and authorizations.


Can we take out a weapon that is not associated with us?

No. Each agent has a specific clearance. Without authorization, it's impossible to take a gun away from a third party.


Can casar be connected to internal tools?

Yes, casar is compatible with many tools. Contact us to find out more!


How do I fill in the equipment movement register?

French law requires armed professions to keep a register of equipment movements. The casar solution meets this need by dematerializing and automating the register. Each collection and reintegration is automatically recorded in the e-casar software, and stored for the long term.


How many casar lockers does a team need?

The casar solution is modular. The lockers are equipped with 5 drawers, and can be adapted to the needs of each department.


does casar work in the event of a power cut?

Yes ! Even when offline, "Perception" and "Reintegration" movements are stored in the TERMOD's memory. They return to the server on reconnection.


And in the event of a power cut?

We've designed casar lockers to secure access to armories, while facilitating "Reception" and "Reintegration" movements.

The weapons are always manually accessible, even in the event of a power cut.

However, it is advisable to install an inverter (an independent battery) to maintain normal operation.


Looking for more information on our casar armory supervision solution?

Download product documentation here.

Any questions? Contact our experts!

Our experts are available by telephone on +33 4 68 68 39 68 or by e-mail at

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