Connected clock for public lighting control

In the age of energy conservation, public lighting accounts for over 45% of local authority electricity consumption, and generates considerable expenditure.

5.6 tonnes of CO2

are emitted by the total consumption of electricity linked to street lighting in France every year.

25% savings

can be achieved by switching off street lighting for just 2 hours a night.

6% discount

in electricity consumption by local authorities since 2005, for a bill that has remained the same.

11 million

of light points are in France, i.e. one streetlight for every 6 inhabitants. 40% of them are already obsolete!

The benefits of connected street lighting :

Firstly, by connecting street lighting, local authorities can remotely modify the operating times of their public lighting systems directly via an Internet platform or an application.

Secondly, by configuring their lighting, local authorities can be alerted in the event of a fault, either by analyzing consumption or by issuing malfunction alerts, so they can act quickly and accordingly.

Finally, street lighting has an undeniable impact on biodiversity, altering natural cycles, biological rhythms and the physiological functions of living beings… Night-time shutdowns help minimize the impact of street lighting on biodiversity.

The EPnrj clock in 6 features

Easy remote control

Plan your street lighting operating times from the web platform (main / secondary / festive / monument network).

Optimize consumption

Substantially reduce your street lighting energy bills by adapting operating times to the needs of the public.

Manage your lighting stock

From the web platform, create groups of cabinets to remotely control the street lighting of a housing estate, neighborhood or entire city.

Time saving

Activate your e-mail alerts to be informed in real time of detected breakdowns, thresholds exceeded, doors opened…

Follow us in real time

Monitor and analyze your city’s electricity consumption, or that of each individual cabinet, by uploading data to the web platform.

Enhance your assets

Enhance your heritage by programming and connecting your street lighting, and set up exceptions for your festive illuminations.

EPnrj, a complete solution

EPnrj connected astronomical clock

The web-based supervision platform

Mobile application for setting parameters

clocks deployed

municipalities equipped

years of experience

EPnrj deployment in 4 stages :



Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Assess your needs

Contact our teams and assess the number of connected astronomical clocks your community needs. Let's work together to find the communication technology that's right for you.

Install your EPnrj clocks

Once you've received your EPnrj clocks, installation is quick and easy. See our installation tutorials here!

Train users

EPnrj connected astronomical clocks allow you to control your street lighting simply and remotely. Our teams can train you to use the platform.

Configure your street lighting

On our web platform, you can program your clocks according to your needs, and even define exceptions. These settings can be changed at any time!

Technical data :

Installation: DIN-rail 2U DIN box
Dimensions: 90 x 35 x 58 mm
Weight: 95 g maximum
Power supply: 12 or 24 V
Antenna: Internal / external antenna

Acquisition interfaces :

  • ICT (remote customer information)
  • RS 485 Modbus
  • 2 configurable inputs: pulse or digital

Control interfaces :

  • 2 open-collector outputs
  • Controls 2 external relays

Hardware and software solutions designed and manufactured in France RT 2012, RE 2020, ISO 50001, ISO 7730, Agenda 21/RSE and Labels BBC, BEPOS, HQE, BDO…

They share their experience

More questions ?

Our experts are available by phone on +33 4 68 68 39 68 or by email at from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Any questions ?


What savings can you expect with EPnrj?

It all depends on your situation: number of cabinets, planned outages, lighting rhythm, exceptions... Ask for your personalized ROI here!


What's the budget for installing EPnrj?

The budget depends on the number of astronomical clocks to be connected, and therefore on the number of cabinets in each commune. To find out more, request a personalized quote!

Some help is available! Find out more in our dedicated blog post.


Can I use EPnrj without a Smart City strategy?

Of course! EPnrj is the ideal first step towards the Smart City. It's easy to set up, the effects are immediately visible and the benefits are rapid. Contact our experts for more information.


Can EPnrj be used to manage street lighting point by point?

Our teams are currently working on the point-by-point control of the public lighting system, in order to be even more precise about programming. For the time being, EPnrj allows you to control your street lighting network at the cabinet level, depending on how it is organized (e.g. district or street).


What type of cabinet does EPnrj fit into?

The EPnrj connected astronomical clock can be integrated into all types of public lighting cabinet. The timer controls the contactors already installed directly via dry contact.


What network does EPnrj run on?

EPnrj clocks communicate natively on Orange's LoRa network. Theoretical coverage areas in France can be found at

Our teams are also working on an additional 4G modem that will enable EPnrj clocks to communicate over the GSM network.


How can I retrieve my consumption data?

EPnrj clocks are supplied with a cable to connect the clock to the Linky meter on the TIC output. Consumption data can then be viewed on the EPnrj web platform.


Is EPnrj compatible with other platforms or applications?

EPnrj is a hardware and software solution. Our teams have developed an API for sharing information with another platform (CMMS, hypervisor, etc.).


Is the EPnrj solution self-sufficient in the event of loss of network communication?

Yes, if the module no longer communicates on the selected communication network, the EPnrj clock operates autonomously according to the switching scenarios and exceptions programmed in the module.


Looking for more information about our EPnrj connected astronomical clock?

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